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A Key to Worlds: A Parallel Worlds Novel
(Available in Kindle E-book)

Pandora is a scientist confined to a barren, post-apocalyptic world. A mystical dream compels her to explore her family's history, as rumours swirl that there might be people living outside their planet's protected settlements. Once, outsiders tried to form free colonies of their own - Pandora's parents among them. They were said to have perished in the world's toxic environment, but Pandora doesn't know for sure. She's compelled to explore the planet for herself, but the laws of Alverron forbid it without the council's say-so. Nessa's unique gift and her reckless nature have an unfortunate tendency to get her into trouble. When she opens a portal into another realm from the back of her aunt's garden, she doesn't expect to find an archaic world or herself imprisoned. A chain of perilous events and poor decisions force Nessa to test the limits of her gifts. Can she find the strength and ingenuity to set things right and help her new friend James find his way home? A Key to Worlds: A Parallel Worlds Novel is an intriguing tale of fantasy adventure spanning multiple worlds.

Fire and Gold (Book 1 of the Sisters of the North)
(Available in Paperback and E-book)

Sisters by birth, heroes by choice! In the city of Kalle, Cassia and Alexa are priestesses of the Sisters of Destiny, an order of female sorcerers. While absent from the temple, their home is attacked and the sisters return to find it ablaze; many of their fellow priestesses slain. Barely escaping alive, the sisters face an uncertain future, unsure of who they can trust. With a perilous road ahead, they must escape their home city to reach the priestesses of Kelbani - a neighbouring city in the mountains - for help and to warn the priestesses of the danger they face. Pursued by cultists, the sisters join forces with an unlikely ally, and learn there may be more at stake than their own survival. The future of many may hinge on their actions.

Enchanting Whispers, Romantic Dreams: Selected Poems and Short Stories
(Available in Paperback and E-book)

Romance meets mysticism and beauty mingles with fantasy in this unique and creative compilation of poetry, short stories and digital art. Penned by fantasy author and artist Mara Amberly, Enchanting Whispers, Romantic Dreams shares the rewards of several years' creativity and brings to light a treasure trove of beautiful words and images, including the fantasy short stories, 'The Forest Dweller' and 'Diary of a Harbinger'.

Feathers, Dreams and Faerie Wings: An Art and Poetry Collection
(Available in Kindle E-book)

"Reaching skyward, red rocks tower, against the pre-dawn sky," the poem 'Earth' reads, calling to mind an image of untrammeled, timeless ground in which life takes root, in this second book of poetry and art by Mara Amberly. 'Feathers, Dreams, and Faerie Wings' pays homage to this place of primal beauty, of the natural world at its wildest, as well as the fantastical flightiness of faeries, angels and the mystical borne out of humanity's fascination with the living, changing universe around them.

Mara draws her inspiration from Celtic tales and knotwork, from New Age spirituality and notions of harmony between humanity and its natural context, and from the timeless legacy of the mythologies of human civilizations through time as she weaves a tapestry of words and images to delight the senses, and when you put down this book, you may be left with an impish, perhaps fey, smile.
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