An Update on Most Things

I've been a bit slow in responding here, for which I apologise. I've been busy with book promotions, and working on the books I'll publish next. I mentioned Silk and Earth some time ago (the follow up to Fire and Gold), and I'm currently writing it. I also have plans to write a book after it, entitled Aspect Seraphine, which will be a cyberpunk fantasy. I commissioned a cover for it, and it looks very nice. I also created the cover for Silk and Earth, as well as map content for inside the book.

One of the promotions I took part in recently was for A Key to Worlds, and as a part of it you can read an author interview with me here.

At the moment I have a promotion on for Fire and Gold, and it's available free from Amazon until the 21st July. You can download it from here. It's currently in the top #100 on the free tab of for metaphysical & visionary (#22), epic fantasy (#51), and sword & sorcery (#52).

In addition to this, I'm currently working on a new Mara Amberly web site. Hopefully it won't take me too much longer than a month or so, but it's currently under construction, and when it's done I'll change over this site to the new one.

Thanks for following, and I aim to have some cover reveals and information on release dates for you soon.

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