Finding New Fonts and Awesome Things

There's this thing they say about authors - when we're not getting our writing done, we might be re-arranging our stationery or finding a new font. I have been writing (working on Silk and Earth, and other content unrelated to my books), but I've also found a lot of new fonts that I like lately and Photoshop layer styles online that I can use to illustrate my book covers. I typically create the covers, images (including character images) and maps myself, and it's become apparent to me as I've become better at using Photoshop and learned more about writing, art and publishing, that I want to increase the quality of what I'm creating. It's become more necessary too in the marketplace, because a lot of people will overlook books if they don't have an excellent cover or their covers appear amateurish (even though that might not be a reflection of the quality of writing at all). It's becoming tougher out there so it's more necessary for self-publishers to up their game.

I've re-jigged the cover of Pandora's Future multiple times and I'm still not 100% satisfied with my font choices, though I like it better now than I did before. Lately I've accumulated quite a few and I have my eye on The Birthday Bundle from There are a few fonts in there that I like in particular, but I'm especially fond of the Aventurine Scriptine and the Kayleigh font. I think the Aventurine Scriptine would look especially nice on Pandora's Future for the title, so that's more or less a plan at this stage (at least to see how it looks). The Olivia script and Pepper Hands are also quite beautiful and I could see them working well on book covers. In the Sisters of the North series, I feel like updating the fonts for Silk and Earth (away from those used on Fire and Gold), but I also want them to appear similar across the series of books, and so I'm aiming to keep the ones I have until at least book 3.

I'm planning to withdraw Her Gypsy Promise and Diary of a Harbinger in the near future, and perhaps re-release them as part of a much larger collection of short stories with a fantasy theme. I'll be re-designing them including the cover at that time.
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