A New Etsy Store and Pandora's Future Update

Thanks to everyone who has picked up copies of Fire and Gold, as well as my other books.

I have a couple of announcements. First of all I'm excited to announce that I opened my new Etsy Store called Sapphire X Designs, where I'll be selling some of my jewellery and artwork that I create, as well as quite possibly other things. I have some of my handmade jewellery on there at the moment and I'll be adding more items soon. I've also added more artwork to my Redbubble Page, where it can be bought on merchandise.

I've been working on Pandora's Future and I currently have 47,464 words written. :) I've partially mapped out the story world too, so I think when I publish Pandora's Future you should hopefully enjoy the combination of writing and artwork.
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